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First Hunt With The Sightmark Photon RT!!!

First Hog Hunt With The Brand New Digital Night Vision Scope From Sightmark the Photon RT!  Check out the Sightmark Photon RT in action...layin' down some East Texas hogs!!!

The FLIR PTS 736 | Field Review!

Had a chance to hunt with the brand new Flir PTS 736 for the past few weeks.  Had this unit mounted on my AR-10 .308 and shot many many rounds in several different hunting conditions.  It was used in warm weather, cold weather, rain and clear skies.  Here's my full review of the Flir PTS 736 with a few hunts mixed it.  I'll also go through my likes and dislikes and here's alittle glimpse into the video... This is a great scope.... but for someone else, not me...  and not for the type of hunting that I do here in East Texas.. and I'll let you know why...


James from the wildly popular GunsNChickenStrips YouTube Channel came out to East Texas to help slay some hogs last weekend and man let me tell ya... it was EPIC!!  Check out James drop two hogs with a 1937 Mosin Nagant!! 6 hogs total were sent on to the next life using the Pulsar Trail XP50 and the Flir PTS 736, both James and I were using .308 Caliber AR's.  It was an unbelievable experience and weekend with GunsNChickenStrips!!!

GunsNChickenStrips Makin' Bacon Pancakes in ETX!!!...

James from the GunsNChickenStrips YouTube channel came out to Ben Wheeler, TX, to lay down some hogs in the coolest way possible!!..  Watch him drop two hogs with a 1937 Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle... No Scope!!! Epic and crazy fun weekend.  Go check it out!!.. 2 HOG KILLS WITH A WORLD WAR 2 RIFLE!!! (Click Here)

Flir PTS 736 | First Look/Hunt: 296 lb Boar Hog Dirt Nap!...

My first look and hunt with the brand new Flir PTS 736.  You'll get to see some of the different color palettes on the 736 on a sounder of hogs up close and personal.  Check out the 296 pound boar hog get dropped on a dead sprint and get laid down for a dirt nap!  Full Flir PTS 736 review video coming soon...