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Is the Rix Leap L3 a Good Deal at $2300?!

  Is the Rix Leap L3 a Good Deal at $2300? That's just one question that will be answered in Hans' full review of the first thermal scope released by Rix Optics, the Rix Leap L3! Find the Rix Leap L3 at Outdoor Legacy Here:   Call Hans at Outdoor Legacy Here:  877-350-1818

Hybrid 75 | First Hunt and Impressions

  First Hunt and Impression of the InfiRay Outdoor Hybrid 75 by iRay USA! Hans discusses the long range thermal shooting capabilities of the Hybrid 75 and his initial thoughts on one of the newest optics released in the US by InfiRay Outdoor.  The Late Night Vision Show Hybrid 75 Review Here:   HansETX Hybrid 75 Review:   Find the InfiRay Outdoor Hybrid 75 Here:   Find all Night Vision and Thermal Optics Here:   Call Hans if you need purchasing advice and want to buy from Outdoor Legacy:  877-350-1818  InfiRay Outdoor Hybrid 75 Specs:  * Price $7999  * Does Function as a Clip  * 640 x 512 Resolution  * 12 Micron  * 50 Hz Refresh Rate  * Sub 25 MK NETD Rating  * 75 Millimeter Objective Lens  * 4x Base Magnification  * FOV 31

Ep. 305 "The Late Night Vision Show" | AGM Clarion 384 **Dual Base Thermal Review**

  There are many new and improved thermal scopes released every year but a select few will do more than just improve; they actually innovate and offer something new. With the introduction of the Clarion dual base magnification thermal scopes, AGM has proven they are an innovator. And not just offering new innovative features but doing so at an extremely affordable price! Today we review the AGM Clarion 384 thermal scope that offers both a 2x AND a 4.5x base optical magnification. This means you can quickly and easily switch between a high or low optical magnification without losing image quality to digital zoom. Listen as Hans and Jason give you their thoughts a true “2 in 1” thermal scope.   **** Find Night Vision/Thermal Scopes ****  Find the AGM Clarion 384 Here:   Find all Night Vision and Thermal Optics Here:   Call Hans and Jason if you