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Ep. 201 "The Late Night Vision Show" Pulsar Digex C50 **REVIEW**

It's review time again and this round is for all the digital night vision guys. And if you're looking for a top of the line, high end digital NV optic, this episode is just for you. When it comes to top quality digital night vision, Pulsar has held the title for the best of the best for as long as we can remember and the new Digex C50 is everything we hoped it would be. With the C50 Pulsar has jumped into the full color daylight mode option that's been lacking on their units in the past, but in typical Pulsar style, when they do something, they do it right. The Digex C50 is full color during the day, has a full color low light mode and black and white at night. With a 3.5x base magnification, all the Pulsar features and bells and whistles you'd expect and a price tag of $1,399, there is a lot to love about this new scope. Check out this review to see if the C50 is right for you. __________________________________________________ **** Find Night Vision/Thermal Scopes


Full Review of the brand new Pulsar Digex C50 Day and Night Vision Scope! The newest night vision scope from the same brand that has brought you the Digisight and Digex N450. Will the Digex C50 be the new king of Night Vision Scopes? Be sure to check out our weekly podcast... The Late Night Vision Show __________________________________________________ **** Find Night Vision/Thermal Scopes **** Find the Pulsar Digex C50 Here: Find All Night Vision/Thermal Scopes and Optics Here: Call Hans and Jason at Outdoor Legacy Gear: (877) 350-1818