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iRay USA Bravo **First Hunts and Review**

  First hunts and full review of the brand new iRay USA Bravo, the newest thermal scope from iRay.  You'll see the Bravo specs, see thermal video through the scope, and hear about all the different functions.  If you need purchasing advice for your next Night Vision/Thermal Optic, you can call me directly at 877-350-1818.... Ask for Hans! Find the iRay USA Bravo Here: infiray-iray-bravo-384-35mm-thermal-rifle-scope

Best Thermal Monoculars for Hog and Coyote Hunting **Fall 2021**

  Episode 179 of The Late Night Vision Show is here and this week we continue with our Fall 2021 setup suggestions. This time around we discuss the best thermal monoculars for both hog and coyote hunting. With more handheld thermals on the market than ever before the confusion is greater than ever as well. Jason and Hans lay out their main choices for the best monoculars for hog hunting, coyote hunting and even those that will crossover well for both hunting situations. We know there will still be a lot of questions to be answered, but when you're ready to buy and need help nailing down which model is right for your unique hunting situation, give Hans and Jason a call at Outdoor Legacy. Find Night/Vision Optics Here: For Purchasing Advice Call Hans: 877-350-1818