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Ep. #64 | Should Land Owners Allow Free Access For Hog Hunting??

On this week’s edition of The Late Night Vision Show Jason and Has discuss some updates to the not-yet-released Pulsar Thermion XM30 and the latest news for July 2019 on the popular Sightmark Wraith HD.  On the second segment of the show the guys talk about a recent article in a popular Texas hunting magazine that discusses the limited availability of affordable hog hunting in Texas. The author quotes out of state hunters who are surprised to learn that free or cheap hog hunting opportunities are almost non-existent in Texas. This is a common topic on many online forums and hunting groups. Many people are shocked and often upset that farmers and landowners are not willing to allow free access to hunt hogs, even as those same landowners complain about the massive hog damage their land is incurring. Hans and Jason chime in with their opinions and as usual, they have a slightly different opinion on the subject. As Texans, land owners and hog hunters, they understand they sentiment on b

"Is 640 Resolution Worth The Extra $$??"

Should I buy a 640x480 scope? Is high resolution really worth it?” This is one of the most common questions Hans and Jason hear when talking to customers about thermal optics. When asked, many night hunters and thermal dealers will give an automatic “Yes!” reply. However, others who often haven’t had a lot of experience using many different scopes, might give a quick “No, it’s not worth it!” reply. So what do Hans and Jason say? What’s their quick answer? As usual, they don’t have a quick answer because, in reality, this is a very complicated answer that depends on many different factors and variables in each person’s situation. Listen as they spend time unpacking this issue and giving their opinions based on their years of experience in the field using both high and standard resolution thermal rifle scopes.  Check out Ep. 63 of "The Late Night Vision Show"...

Pulsar Thermion XM38 | Full Review!

Pulsar Thermion XM38 Full Review!  See thermal hog and deer video from the field with the newest scope to hit the Night Vision hunting market.  July 2019 will be remembered as the summer of the Pulsar Thermion!  Get a rundown of the specifications, menu options, and my likes/dislike from 3 weeks of use out in the hunting fields...

EP. #62 | N-Vision Halo LR Full Review...

We’re back this week with a full review of one of the highest quality thermal rifle scopes that a hog or coyote hunter in the US can buy. If you haven’t already guessed it, we will be talking about the N-Vision Halo LR. N-Vision rocked the thermal world in 2019 with the release of the Halo and Halo LR thermal rifle scopes and they set the biggest players in this industry back on their heels by jumping in the game with some of the best image quality we’ve ever seen and offering these scopes at a discount compared to their closest competitors. Hans and Jason have spent extensive time behind the eye piece of the Halo LR, so listen as they give their thoughts, opinions and review of this great optic.

Pulsar Thermion XM38 Complimation | 7 Hogs 1 Coyote Down!...

Considering a Pulsar Thermion?  A limited number of Pulsar Thermion XM models have hit the dealers and the questions have been flooding in.  Is the Thermion a good optic to get into thermal hunting for the first time? Should I upgrade and get rid of my Trail to get a Thermion?  How does the Trail compare to the Thermion?...  First of all, each person will have their own opinion and perspective. Each hunter should consider their hunting conditions, hunting style, and budget when deciding to move forward with an optic.  I’ve spent a lot of time with the Thermion XM38 and there are things that I love, and things that have I’ve had to get used to.  We all knew that the XM’s were coming to market with higher magnifications than the Trail units.  For me, hog hunting in ETX and shooting the majority of my shots at 50-75 yards, the increased magnification isn’t a positive but for someone coyote hunting in the Midwest it is probably seen as a great enhancement.  Also, the Pulsar Thermion XM re

Ep. #61 | The Late Night Vision Show - Pulsar Thermion XP50 1st Impressions!

Since it’s announce at the SHOT Show in January, Hans and Jason have been dying to get their hands on the new Pulsar Thermion XP50 thermal riflescope. Thankfully that days has come and the wait was well worth it. On this episode they give their first impressions of the scope and their thoughts on how it compares to the Trail XP50. Listen in as they give a sneak peek at the newest high resolution 640 core thermal scope for 2019.   In the second segment of the show, Jason discusses the latest news concerning the PRG thermal rifle scopes and the future of some big changes that are currently taking place.