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Ep. 7 "The Anti's and Social Media" The Late Night Vision Show Podcast...

Jason, Outdoor Legacy Gear, and Hans, HansETX, discuss the pressures of Social Media as it relates to Hunting Enthusiasts and Gun Advocates. Outdoor Legacy Gear Night Vision Optics Here: Outdoor Legacy Gear YouTube Channel: Outdoor Legacy Gear Instagram: HansETX YouTube Channel: HansETX on Instagram:

The Not Yet Released Yet, Pulsar Trail XP50 LRF...

If you have not heard the news yet, there is some exciting news from Pulsar about a new addition to the popular Trail series of thermal optics.  Later this summer of 2018 or early fall, Pulsar is set to release their Pulsar Trail LRF's (Laser Range Finder).  The LRF will be available on a few of the Pulsar Trail models but for everyone out there that has been asking for a thermal scope with a built in Laser Range Finder, your wait is near over.  Had a chance recently to take the Trail XP50 LRF out on a few hog hunts to test it out.  I found that the Laser Range Finder was very accurate and there's much to like about the LRF option. There were only a couple things that I'd like to see changed with the functionality but nothing major.  Here's my review and video out in the field on a couple hunts...

Father's Day Hog Hunt!!!

Took my oldest daughter, Macy, out hog hunting with me for the first time this weekend. She's not quite ready to shoot a rifle big enough to drop a hog but she's been dying to go out with me on a night hunt. We were lucky enough drop two hogs and she was able to watch me shoot through the Flir Breach Monocular while I shot with my Pulsar Trail XP50 using a DiamondBack AR-10 .308 with Hornday Full Boar 165 grain ammo. She tried to load up one of the dead hogs but the hog got the best of her. Happy Father's Day to everyone out there!  I enjoy being part of community of liked-minded people. Thank you...

PULSAR CORE RXQ30V | Field Review!!!

PULSAR CORE RXQ30V Full Review and Field Test!!  One of the least expensive weapons mountable thermal scopes in the market, you'll get see the Features and Specifications, Images Through the Scope, and hear my likes and dislikes! Find the Pulsar Core RXQ30V Here: "The Late Night Vision Show" Podcast Here: "The Late Night Vision Show" YouTube Channel Here: Subscribe to HansETX on YouTube: HansETX on Instagram: HansETX Hunting Blog: Pulsar Core RXQ30V Features: - 384x288 Thermal Image Sensor - 17 Microns - 50Hz Refresh Rate - AMOLED 640x480 Green Tinted Display - 1.6x Optical Magnification - Up to 6.4x Digital Zoom - Picture in

FLIR BREACH PTQ136 | Field Review!!!

Got a chance to use the Flir Breach PTQ136 for the past month and I feel like I know this unit pretty well know.  If you're a helmet wearer and looking for a thermal to mount or you're looking for a small thermal monocular that can easily slip into your pocket before taking a shot... you might be interested in taking a close look at the Flir Breach.  I've put together some "in the field" clips and I'll go through what I feel like are some positives and negatives for those of you in the market for a new thermal monocular.  Check out my Field Review!!!