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AGM ADDER 640 | Best For the $$?!

  Introduction of the AGM Adder TS35-640 and AGM Adder TS50-640. Both AGM Adder 640's are very similar in functionality and design, with the biggest difference being magnification. The TS35-640 is a 2x - 16x magnification, while the TS50-640 is 2.5x to 20x. In Hans' video you'll see thermal video through the AGM Adder TS50-640 and learn about of all the Adder 640 capabilities!  Find both Adder 640 models here:   Find all Night Vision and Thermal Optics Here:   Call Hans, Ashley, or Jason at Outdoor Legacy Gear:  (877) 350-1818

Ep. 274 “The Late Night Vision Show” iRay USA Hybrid 640 50mm **Review**

  The iRay Hybrid 640 50mm is finally here and “The Late Night Vision Show” has the first look on Ep. 274 of the newest release from InfiRay Outdoor!  See the entire review below: The Late Night Vision Show Review Here: Find the iRay Hybrid 640 50mm here: