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Pulsar Axion XM30 Full Review and Comparison

Full Review of the Pulsar Axion XM30 Thermal Monocular.  See Thermal video from the brand new Pulsar Axion XM30 as well as learn the differences in all of the Axion models, Key XM30, XM30, and XM38... Check out the review below!

Ep. #54 | "The Late Night Vision Show" Podcast... Thermal Optic Basics Explained

One of the most confusing aspects of Thermal Optics and Scopes is all the different specs and jargon that gets thrown around. Thermal core resolution, pixel pitch microns, NUC’ing and the list goes on. Sometimes it sounds like a whole other language is being spoken when the discussion of thermal scopes comes up. On this week’s episode of The Late Night Vision Show, Hans and Jason take the most commonly discussed thermal specifications and offer an in depth explanation of each one in every day, layman’s terms. They explain what each spec means and how it affects the scope in a practical way. If you’ve ever been confused about thermal optics, this is the episode for you!

Pulsar Axion Key XM30 Full Review...

Full Review of the Pulsar Axion Key XM30 Thermal Handheld Monocular! This is the newest Thermal Monocular out on the market from Pulsar to replace the Quantum Lite's. At $1,899, it makes it one of the least expensive thermal handhelds on the market. See the specifications below... Also, check out "The Late Night Vision Show" YouTube Channel to see a further in depth review of the Axion Key XM30 with Jason at Outdoor Legacy Gear.  Check out the full review below...

Ep. #53 | Pulsar Axion XM30 Thermal Monocular | Full Review

On this episode of The Late Night Vision Show Hans and Jason are back with another handheld thermal monocular review. This week they discuss the Axion XM30 which is 2 nd  model of this new-for-2019 thermal handheld lineup. This is the mid-price range of the 3 current Axions and it’s the least expensive model to include internal audio/video recording and the StreamVision smartphone app. Like the other Axions, the XM30 includes a removable, rechargeable battery and has the same amazingly small, lightweight design. Listen as Hans and Jason compare the Axion XM30 to several other Pulsar thermal monoculars and offer their take on it.  Check out the review below...

N-Vision Halo LR 50mm | Full Review!!!

Full Review of the N-Vision Halo LR 50MM!!  The Halo LR is one of the newest Thermal Scopes on the market and has created much buzz in the hog hunting and coyote/predator hunting communities.  Here is my full review of the N-Vision Halo LR 50mm after 3 weeks of using this unit out in the field..

EP. #52 Sightmark Wraith Giveaway | 1 Year Anniversary Show!!!..

Join us this week as we celebrate a milestone for The Late Night Vision Show; the 1 year anniversary of the FIRST and ONLY podcast dedicated to all things night hunting, night vision and thermal optics. On this special episode Hans and Jason reminisce about the last year and most importantly they draw the name of one lucky listener who will win a Sightmark Wraith HD night vision scope. Later in the show they discuss the question of when is a good time to buy night vision or thermal. Should you wait for a new model, an improvement in technology or wait a few years until the price comes down? Listen as Hans and Jason give their opinions on the topic. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank YOU, the loyal and first time listeners and viewers. Without your continued support and encouragement, this show could not go on. For that, we say a very big thank you. Check out "The Late Night Vision Show" Here: