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AGM Clarion 640 | Best "All-Around" Thermal Scope?!

  Hans ETX's Full Review of the AGM Clarion 640! Is the Clarion 640 the best "all-around" thermal scope? You will see thermal video through the Clarion 640 as well as a specification run-down, and likes and dislikes. If you're in need of an all-purpose thermal, check out this review... #agmclarion640 #agmclarion640review #agmclarion  Find the AGM Clarion 640 Here:   Find all Night Vision and Thermal Optics Here:    Call Hans and Jason if you are interested in purchasing a new optic but need advice:  (877) 350-1818

InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TX60C | The Market has NEVER Seen THIS Before!

  Introduction of the brand new, not yet released, InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TX60C by iRay USA! Truly Unique 1024 x 1024 thermal resolution, makes the Bolt TX60C a one-of-a-kind scope. Hear about the specifications that make this one of the most unique thermal scopes on the market. See thermal video through the scope and hear Hans share his likes and who the Bolt TX60C would be good for...Find out if the InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TX60C is the right thermal for you!   * $6,999  * 1024 x 1024 Thermal Resolution  * 2560 x 2560 Display Resolution  * 12 Micron  * 50 Hz Refresh Rate  * 18 NETD Sensor  * 3x -16x Magnfication  * 1860 Battery System  * QD Mount Included  * LRF Compatible (not included)  Find the InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TX60C at Outdoor Legacy Here:   Call Hans at Outdoor Legacy Here:  877-350-1818  Find @TheLateNightVisionShow Here:  https://www.thela