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AGM Rattler TS25 vs. TS35 **1st Hunt and Review**

  First Hunts and Full Review of the AGM Rattler TS25 and TS35. All thermal hog hunting videos are with the Rattler TS35. See side-by-side video from the TS25 and TS35. What are the differences between the AGM Rattler TS25 and Rattler TS35?.... Find out all the answers to your Rattler questions right here! Find the AGM Rattler at __________________________________________________ **** Find Night Vision/Thermal Scopes **** Find the AGM Rattler TS25 Here: Find the AGM Rattler TS35 Here: Find All Night Vision/Thermal Scopes and Optics Here: Call Jason at Outdoor Legacy Gear: (877) 350-1818 __________________________________________________ **** "The Late Night Vision Show" Podcast **** "