Called In a Coyote... No Wait.. An Owl?!..

Putting the final touches on this week's video.  I'm excited about y'all seeing it tomorrow afternoon.  In the video I briefly mention a calling technique called "lip squeaking".  It's exactly what it sounds like, basically using your lips to make a squeaking noise that sounds like a mouse or small rabbit.  Funny story... I was "lip squeaking" late one night and instead of calling in a coyote, I somehow managed to call in an owl that landed above my head in a tree that I was sitting under.  Now.. y'all know that owls are huge!!... Sometimes 5 or 6 foot wing spans.  That dang owl scared me half to death when it landed in that tree!  But that owl, thinking I was some dying varmint, landed right above me thinking he was about to get his next meal.  Can you imagine what went through his head when he looked down and saw a 200 pound redneck!... Haha


  1. Hey man i just realized you’re in Ben Wheeler. Most of our videos at TBLNH are made in murchison and frankston. Small world!

    1. Really?! Man your close! I bet you've got a bunch of hogs over in Frankston..

    2. Yes too many hogs lol. I’m from the frankston area and the other 2 are from athens and martins mill. We kill most of our hogs in the murchison area. That’s where we have the most land to hunt. Our leases in frankston are mostly woods so it’s tough to get multiples.

    3. I bet we probably know some of the same people.. lol


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