Embarrassing Hog Hunt...

Well.. not every hunt is YouTube worthy, but some videos are definitely funny enough to share.  I guess you should consider this video as my first submission for the HansETX blooper reel.  Me and 4 other buddies went out to shoot some hogs that were totally destroying a beautiful yard.  Now... I usually hunt alone and I prefer it that way.  Mainly because it's difficult to quietly stalk up on a large sounder of hogs when you have 5 grown men trying to tip-toe around, but also it's hard to get the "start shooting" countdown right.  Some knucklehead always starts shooting half a second too early and it messes up everybody else's shot.  So to setup this video, there are 5 of us total.  Three guys are shooting with .308's and two of us using .223's, all of us have fully loaded magazines.  After we start shooting and the dust settles, we embarrassingly find out that out of the dozens of hogs that we were shooting at we only managed to knock down 2. Yeah... I said 2... out of dozens!... with 5 guys!... and about 150 rounds of ammo between us!... Embarrasing... just embarrassing!  I promised my buddies that this video would never make it to YouTube..... but I didn't promise anything about sharing it on the blog!!!! Hahaha...



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