I'm Only Afraid Of Two Things...

I'm only afraid of two things... and makin' bacon pancakes ain't one of them!  Here's a preview picture of an upcoming video and it's a doozy.  This guy was 1 of 4 hogs that came in for a late night snack at one of my bait holes.  I dropped him right away and gave one of his buddies a big Texas Howdy with a .223 round right to the butt as he ran off...  Thank y'all so much for watching the videos and for all of the great comments.  It truly is a blast for me to get to share some of these funny and sometimes crazy huntin' stories with you...

Thank you,


  1. I see you gave this Bacon a BIG Headache. he-he. Ataboy!

    1. Haha! Can’t wait for you to see the video Danny..


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