My First Thermal Hog Kill Using The Pulsar Trail XQ38...

Happy Tuesday and YouTube Video upload day!!  Man this poor hog, bless his heart.  He had no clue that I just sighted in my new scope and was comin’ in hot and locked in the pocket.  Now, just two hours earlier I was out on the range sighting in my new Pulsar Trail XQ38, and I’ll put a link to the review video that I did last week in the description of this video, but man this scope has completely changed my hunting game completely. 

Not only does this scope display a great thermal image but the features like picture-in-picture display and internal video recorder along with the quality of the Pulsar brand made this thermal scope perfect for my rig..

Honestly yall, this boar hog and I walked out into the field at the same time. He was super cautious and skiddish and I knew that I had to take him sooner rather than later.  As soon as he looked up at me, I gave him a big Texas Howdy with a 62 grain .223 round right to the face.

I took a couple extra shots just in case he thought he was going to be tough and try to run off but can yall believe that jump?  I show the video again in slow motion, but man he hopped up and did a belly flop like we used to do at the pool in 5th  grade to prove to our buddies that we were tougher than anybody else.

Now, I shot this hog at about @ 45 yards using my .223 and the Maker Overwatch Field 62 Grain ammo, and you can tell that it got his attention really quick.

Man, I don’t know what hurt him worse.  That shot to the face or him hopping 4 or 5 feet in the air and landing flat on his belly.  I’m kinda feelin’ short of breathe myself just sitting here watching it again...haha!

Check out the video below!!!


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