Preview For This Week's Video..

Got a new video coming out in next day or so.  Sitting in a hotel room in Houston right now putting the final touches on the edit.  I'm excited for ya'll to see this one because this video will show my first thermal hog kill using the new Pulsar Trail XQ38.  Bless his heart y'all...This poor boar hog had no clue that I was comin' in hot and locked in the pocket!  I just sighted this scope in 2 hours earlier and I promise you, we both walked into the field at the same time.  Just as I'm rounding the tree line that leads into the field this lonely boar comes strutting out of the woods heading towards my pile of corn.   I swear that he starts looking at me, or at least in my direction, and I put my dot right on his face and fire a round off.  Now, I'm only afraid of two things and shooting a hog in the face ain't one of them.  That first round from my .223 hits him right in the face and then he squats down and leaps 4 or 5 feet in the air and falls down right on his back.  I fired off a couple more just to finish him off and that was the end.  The entire hunt from the time that I walked out of my front door to the time that I fired my last round couldn't have been more than 5 minutes.  Now that's my kind of hunting..short and sweet....Here's a link to the Pulsar Trail XQ38 Review video and a screen grab of the video that I'm working on tonight..  Check back for the video soon!

Pulsar Trail Review Video


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