Some Of You Have Asked... So Here It Is...

Some of you have commented on some of the videos with questions about my rig and what I'm running with.  Right now, I'm hog hunting with a .223... and I know, most hog hunters prefer a larger caliber.  I've used many other styles and types of rifles in the past and I really like the versatility of the .223.  Many of my trips out into the fields will start as a hog hunt but may turn into a predator hunt if I hear Coyotes near by, and I love the speed and accuracy of the round.  I've had a lot of success hog hunting with the .223, mainly because I stalk in close and take headshots whenever possible.  I do realize the limitations with knock down power at longer ranges but in East Texas, with all of the thick trees, I rarely get the chance to take shots over 100 yards.  I'm looking to convert my AR-15 to a Grendel 6.8 sometime in the near future, but here's what I'm running with now.  I'll also include links to some of these items:

Diamondback AR-15 .223 (Straight out of the box, no modifications) 16 inch Stainless Barrel
Magpul rail bipod
Magpul 10 Round Magazine
Pulsar Trail XQ38 Thermal Scope
Maker Overwatch Field .223 62 Grain Ammo

DiamondBack AR-15 .223 Here

Pulsar Trail XQ38 Here

Magpul Magazine Here

Maker .223 Ammo Here


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