Thanksgiving Hog...

After eating half a sweet potato pie by myself and passing out in a food coma, I decided to walk out and see if anything was going on outside.  Walked out about midnight and saw 4 boar hogs at one of my piles of corn.  I'm telling you, with all of the leaves and acorns on the ground it's hard to walk without making alot of crunching noises.  I thought for sure that I was going to spook these hogs and they would end up running off before I could get a shot off.  Luckily, they didn't spook and I was able to drop this 150 pound boar right away.  The other's took off and I threw some shots at the them but the ran off in the woods.  It was a great end to good Thanksgiving..  Hope y'alls was good too...


  1. Very Cool after a Food Coma to have this prize waiting for you. he-he. =)

    1. Danny, I’m surprised that I could even walk, haha..


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