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Hey Y'all... This is HansETX.  If you're new to this hunting blog, well...then...that makes two of us.  You may have seen some of my Thermal Hog and Predator hunting videos on YouTube and that's great, I appreciate you watching.  If not, I'd invite you to jump over and take a look.  I started this hunting blog because there is so much to share with you that doesn't make it into a 5 minute video.  On here, we'll talk about hunting strategies, new thermal hunting gear, and really, just some of the wild and crazy stuff that I run into while trekking through the woods and fields in the middle of the night.  I hunt alone, and I really prefer it that way, but I'll tell ya... I've had some hair raising moments.  Whether it be coming almost face-to-face with a big wild boar or throwing a fist full of sand at a bobcat to keep it from walking right into me.  I hope that you stop back by from time to time to check things out.  Also, you can subscribe to this blog to receive email updates every time that I post something new.  Below is a link to HansETX on YouTube, as well as my channel trailer video.  Good luck in the fields!

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