Wild Feral Dogs...

Wild/Feral dogs are turning into a big problem here in East Texas.  So much so, that I've even heard of these wild dogs joining up with coyotes in the same pack.  One of my good buddies that lives close by called me up and said that these wild dogs have been killing his calves, about 10 thousand dollars worth.  Now,  he owns thousands of head of cattle and these packs of wild dogs are causing him to have to continuously move his cattle from one piece of property to another... a huge amount of time, money, and hard work is involved in moving cattle around, especially just because of dogs.  He asked me to come over and and help him kill these things once and for all.  Now... I've never hunted wild dogs before, really have no clue how to bring them in.  Do I just sit there and wait?.. Do I call them in like a coyote?... I have no clue, so I just start using the electronic coyote caller and had zero luck.  Didn't see nothing..  I don't know if anyone else has heard of such a problem with Feral Dogs but here is a game camera picture of one on my property...


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