Called In My 1st Wild Hog With An Electronic Game Caller...

So I've tried to call in hogs in the past with not much luck. I see videos and hear stories of people successfully calling in hogs all the time. So the question is...what have I been doing wrong? I decided to buy an electronic game caller a while back and I've been very successful calling in coyotes with it. I decided to try and start trying to call in hogs again, mostly because the hogs are laying really low right now and the corn isn't bringing them out like it was in the summer.

So I started up the call using the baby pig distress and I almost fell over with excitement with the sight of a nice sized boar hog walking out of the woods in the direction of caller. I turned off the caller when he got closer and finally decided to take a headshot when he stopped at about 90 yards away. The first shot hurt him but he was still able to run. After hitting him with a couple more shots he finally dropped in some thick brush about 20 yards deep in the yards.

I know that I need to practice to get better at calling in hogs, but man, this makes hog hunting a lot easier...


  1. I follow these on YouTube for coyetes,
    I follow these people for Hog hunting;
    And, they do (seems like) a good job at calling them in alot of the time. I've thought bout getting a Electronic Caller myself. I wish you all the luck with it my friend.


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