Hog Huntin' Under The Sun...

Looking forward to getting out during the holidays and doing some hog hunting in the daytime!  This is my 30-30 Lever Action, which is basically just a great rifle to keep in my truck in case I run up a hog or coyote out on the property.  Just mounted this very nice OTW 3-9 x 56 mil dot scope on it and I love it!  I needed something that was tough, durable, accurate and inexpensive.  I know.... I know.... finding a good, inexpensive daytime scope is kind of like catching a unicorn but I've been nothing but pleased with this purchase.  The high power magnification made it easy to sight in and zoom in close on the target and even has red and green mil-dot illumination.  Stay tuned for pictures of daytime hogs taken with this rig!!!  Here is the link for the scope and I was able to use a promo code "inlook06" and saved 10%.  Hope that this helps out all of you daytime hunters out there... Good luck in the fields!

OTW 3-9 x 56 Mil-Dot Scope


  1. HI Hans, I've got a question on this "Scope Mount" Normally the front mount flips around to the front on these Lever Gun's. Don't this block off your Ejection Port some? I had an 0l' Marlin Lever gun back Years ago and mine would Not work like you have this one setup. Just curious is all. Good luck and I hope you Get A Big One with you're New Setup.

    1. I was concerned about that too Danny, but I tried it and it didn't block the ejection of the case. Just got lucky I guess...

    2. Man, that's Great The scope does look real good on your rifle.


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