Pulsar QD Mount...

EXCITING NEWS!!... Pulsar has a new quick-detach mount that replaces the big clunky mount that came with the original units.  This new mounts fits on all Pulsar Trails, Apexes, and Core RXQ30V's.  Also, this allows you to quickly detach and reattach your scope without losing zero, just with a quick press of a button.  No more holding up your rifle and wearing your arms out!! Now you can scan with your scope and quickly reattach it to take a shot.  Also, the new mounts are considerably smaller and lighter weight!

There are rumors, but we don't know for sure, that Pulsar might be giving these away with all new Trails, Apexes, and Core RXQ30V purchases in 2018.  BUT... you can get one right now at Outdoor Legacy Gear if you already have one of these scopes.  AND...  anybody looking to purchase a new Pulsar scope can get one of the Pulsar QD Mounts free on all Trails, Apexes, and Core RXQ30V's from Outdoor Legacy Gear!!

Check Out The New Pulsar QD Mount Here!!!


  1. I wish I could afford this and 1 of the them there Optic's for night hunting. And, I see this is a Texas Company and Not to far from me over in Nacogdoches, Tx. is only 38 miles from home. Maybe, 1 day I can save up to get one. =) I can't wait to see how you like it and your thoughts and how well it does work. Thanks Hans, I do enjoy your video's and mak'n Bacon & Pancakes....Yummy! I hope you can Put-A-Hurt on them Hog's in your area. 0h, IF you Run Out? call me I'll send you some more to keep ya in Practice. he-he. =)

    1. You’re right Danny.. Outdoor Legacy Gear is a great company in East Texas. I’m lucky to be partnered with them. I’ll tell you.. I’m having to dip into my bag of tricks these days to find hogs. The corn isn’t pulling them up out of the woods these days. But, I actually called in my first hog yesterday with an electronic caller..


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