The Helicopter Hog...

During a very lazy night of hunting, which involved me sitting in the warm comforts of my recliner only to get up every half hour to check the field for hogs, I finally noticed a big boar hog only about 20 from the porch.  Snuck out to a picnic table that doubles for my shooting bench and took a headshot followed up by several shots.  Finally, this hog stops and starts spinning around like a 5 or 6 times, before barely making it back into the woods.  It reminded me of the shooting games at the fair that I used to play as a kid.  You know...the ones that you shoot and makes a Ding...Ding...Ding... sound.

These hog are big, tough, and mean.  They don't always get Bacon Pancaked!!...

Merry Christmas y'all and here's to another year of layin' down hogs for dirt naps!


  1. Hey man, Tucker Conway here with Texas Bottom Land Night Hunts. I see you’re from Ben Wheeler, I am out of martins mill. Would like to link up for some discussion over common interest!

    1. Hey Tucker! Yeah man you’re right down the road. I’d love to link up...

      Shoot us an email, and we’ll get it going!


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