Hog Drops With The New Flir PTS233

I've been using the new Flir Thermosight Pro PTS233 for the last 3 weeks now. Last week I posted a functionality review on the Optics forum. In this video you'll get to see 3 different hog hunts with it and get to see it in action. Next week I'll post more. Some of you have asked about this scope because it's been pretty popular, mostly because of the price point. Please let me know if you have any questions about the scope. In the video, I have the scope mounted on a 223 using 62 grain ammo. There has been some feedback on how it performs on a .308 and I'm working on that..

Also, I posted a video 2 weeks ago of hog damage in my front yard. I haven't caught any hogs in my yard since, but all of the hogs taken in this video were dropped less than a hundred yards from my front door. I'm very sure that these are from the same group that wrecked my yard...


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