The New "Budget" Flir Thermal Scope- PTS233

So I've had a chance to use the new Flir ThermoSight Pro PTS 233 for the past 2 weeks, I've had several hours of glass time with this scope and I feel like I know it well enough to give my honest/unbiased opinion. I hunted with it every night... I spotted, scanned, shot, and tested everything on this unit that I could think of. This is the newest "budget" thermal from Flir in quite a while, coming in at a very buyer friendly price at around $2,200. In the review video you'll see my likes/dislikes... you'll see actual video through the scope and some of the different picture modes, preset enhancement modes, and all of the shooting reticle choices. If you're looking at getting into thermal hunting for the first time, if $2,200 is your max budget, or if your looking to add an additional thermal scope to your collection... the PTS233 is worth looking at and considering. If you have any questions I'll give you a very unbiased answer...


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