Sightmark Photon RT | Field Review...

Tested out the brand spankin' new Sightmark Photon RT on my .308 for the last couple weeks. Below is a link to the review video.. You'll get to see through the scope during the day and at night. Here are the features, likes, and dislikes.. Check out the video below!  

Sightmark Photon RT Features:
- Internal Video Recorder
- Streaming to Smartphone/Tablet
- Improved IR Illuminator
- 2x Digital Zoom
- Rated for up to .375 H & H Recoil
- Optional Rechargeable Battery Pack
- External Power Options
- One-Shot Zeroing
- 6 Reticles with 4 Colors to Choose From
- 3 Year Warranty (Image Sensor)
- Lifetime Warranty (Hardware and Workmanship)

Dislikes About the Sightmark Photon RT:
- Objective Focus Ring a little too sensitive
- Base Magnification Starts at 4.5 Power (A lower base magnification is my personal preference for my hunting environment, this won't be a negative for the majority of digital night vision hunters).

Like About the Sightmark Photon RT:
-Internal Video Recorder
- Improved IR Illuminator Compared to the XT Model
- Good Quality Picture Image
- Easy Setup and Functionality
- Preferred the "S" models over the "non-s" model, which happened to be less expensive.

Head on over to YouTube to check out the video.  Thanks y'all... Hans


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