Episode 37 of "The Late Night Vision Show" is full of more news from the night vision and thermal industry. We discuss the announcement of the new Pulsar Axion thermal handheld monoculars and some breaking news about the Pulsar Core RXQ30V thermal rifle scope. The big news of the week is the announcement of the N-Vision Halo and Halo LR thermal rifle scopes. N-Vision is a thermal company that has been dealing with the military and law enforcement for well over a decade but they are just breaking out into the consumer market. With the Halo and Halo LR, N-Vision is entering the market and taking on the best of the best, Trijicon, and giving them a real battle to defend their spot on top. The Halos boast the same BAE 640x480 12 micron core that Trijicon uses and N-Vision is delivering these optics at a significantly lower price. We will be getting our hands on the Halo as soon as possible and doing a full field review, so stay tuned to The Late Night Vision Show for updates.  In the second segment we discuss the SHOT Show, what it is, who can get in and what goes on there. We offer up some fast facts about the show and give a brief overview of our plans for SHOT 2019. We will be reporting live from Las Vegas, bringing you all the news we can via Facebook, Instagram and the podcast. Like, follow and subscribe so you don’t miss a single update. Check it out here!...


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