Ep. #40 "The Late Night Vision Show".. Sightmark Wraith!!!

On Episode 40 of The Late Night Vision Show Hans and Jason dig into the specs and details of the soon to be released Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 digital night vision rifle scope. The Wraith will retail for $499 and features a full HD color daytime mode, as well as a black and white HD night time mode. If you’re interested in hearing everything we currently know about the Wraith, tune into this episode. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a Sightmark Wraith HD, call Jason at Outdoor Legacy at (877)350-1818. 
In the second half of the show Jason and Hans answer the question, “What does the future hold for traditional night vision?” This is an interesting topic and needs to be discussed because traditional tube based night vision was the predecessor to digital NV and thermal imaging. This whole industry and the modern sport of night hunting is what is today because of the traditional image intensification night vision scopes that were so popular in years past. Jason talks about their current status and what the future looks like for these types of scopes.


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