My 1st Predator Hunting Tournament | 8 Coyotes!!!...

My 1st Predator Hunting Tournament... 8 Coyotes!!!  Hooked up with the boys from TxBaconTech YouTube Channel for the Conway Farms Predator Tournament in East Texas.  Ended up getting 2nd place out of 13 teams!  I was pretty proud of our team and effort.  None of use are dedicated predator hunters (... really only shoot them when they are dumb enough to poke their head out when we are hog hunting).  This was a 24 hour hunt... and we hunted hard!!  Only stopped to take a 1 hour nap at 6am to 7am and then we were back at it to finish up the hunt.  All Thermal videos were with the Pulsar Trail XP50 Thermal Rifle Scope, DiamondBack Firearms 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle, and Hornady Match 120 Grain Ammo.  Go and give the boys at TxBaconTech a follow... I'll be hunting a lot more with them in the future.  Stay tuned for new Thermal Rifle Scope reviews coming up with the Axion, Thermion, Sightmark Wraith, and N-Vision Halo!!


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