Convergent Bullet HP | 4 Hogs Down!!!

Calling Wild Hogs With The Convergent Bullet HP!!!  The debate has been going on for a while now... "Can you call in wild hogs with a caller?".  Some say it's a hoax or not possible, while others say it's the only way to hog hunt.  I'm not going to go on the record and say that it's the ONLY way to hog hunt, but calling in hogs is definitely NOT a hoax.  In the past 7 days using the Convergent Bullet HP with Glenn Guess's (Hog Zombies) calls, I've successfully called in several hog in very different hunting conditions.  Calling in wild hogs with an electronic caller is definitely real and is some of the most exciting hunts that I've experienced to date!  All hog hunts were with the Pulsar Trail XP50 from Outdoor Legacy Gear and DiamondBack AR10 6.5 Creedmoor using Hornady Match 120 grain ammo.  Check out the video, Live Now!!!


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