We’ve had a lot of great guests on The Late Night Vision Show but this week we’ve got another great interview that definitely ranks up there as one of, if not THE most informative interview we’ve ever done. We are honored to have Glenn Guess aka The Boar Caller of Hog Zombies on the podcast. For many, Glenn Guess is a household name but for those that aren’t familiar with Glenn yet, he is the definitive expert on all things related to hog calling. Glenn is well known for his YouTube channel, Hog Zombies. He and his wife hunt wild hogs use the Convergent Bullet HP electronic calling system to call in and kill an amazing amount of hogs on video.

We sit down with Glenn and ask him all kinds of questions about his background, how he got started calling hogs and some hog calling basics. If you enjoy this interview and want more detailed and specific information, stay tuned because we will be airing part 2 of this interview very soon where Glenn goes in depth on the basics and advanced methods for calling hogs.

If you like to learn more about Glenn Guess and Hog Zombies you can find them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Another awesome show. Feels like hanging with my friends in the shop, talking hunting. Like listening to a man who humbly says he doesn't know everything, but really knows a lot. Looking forward to next week show. Thanks again.


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