Ep. 59 | Pulsar Thermion XM38 Full Review...

This week Hans and Jason give a full review of the Pulsar Thermion XM38 thermal rifle scope. They’ve both been in the field with this scope for several weeks and have both killed hogs with it and spend many hours behind the eye piece. The XM38 is one of the first in the Pulsar Thermion line to be released. It has a 4x base magnification, 320x240 resolution, 12 microns, picture-in-picture function, 6+ hours of rechargeable battery life, internal video recording and streaming via a smart phone app. The price is a very competitive $3,299 and actually comes in about $500 less than it’s immediate competition. If you’re coyote hunting in open country or hog hunting on fields where you might be taking a lot of 75+ yard shots, this thermal needs to be one of the top to consider on your list.


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