Ep. #64 | Should Land Owners Allow Free Access For Hog Hunting??

On this week’s edition of The Late Night Vision Show Jason and Has discuss some updates to the not-yet-released Pulsar Thermion XM30 and the latest news for July 2019 on the popular Sightmark Wraith HD. 
On the second segment of the show the guys talk about a recent article in a popular Texas hunting magazine that discusses the limited availability of affordable hog hunting in Texas. The author quotes out of state hunters who are surprised to learn that free or cheap hog hunting opportunities are almost non-existent in Texas. This is a common topic on many online forums and hunting groups. Many people are shocked and often upset that farmers and landowners are not willing to allow free access to hunt hogs, even as those same landowners complain about the massive hog damage their land is incurring. Hans and Jason chime in with their opinions and as usual, they have a slightly different opinion on the subject. As Texans, land owners and hog hunters, they understand they sentiment on both sides of the arguments. Listen and let us know what your thoughts on the topic are.


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