Ep. 79 "The Late Night Vision Show" | Best Thermal Scope Under $4K For 2019!

What is the best thermal rifle scope under $4,000 in 2019? On Episode 79 of The Late Night Vision Show Hans and Jason offer up their opinions and personal favorites. Since there are a lot of scopes in this price range, with some being more suited for long range hunting and some being more suited for closer range hunting, they break it down into three categories. They offer their pick for the best long range coyote hunting scope, the best Southern hog hunting scope and then their overall favorite scope; all coming in at a price of under $4,000. Listen to see if Hans and Jason agree on each other’s picks or if they chose different scopes for each category.
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* Pulsar Trail XQ38 - 2.1 base mag. $3,299.97
* Pulsar Thermion XM38 - 4.0 base mag. $3,299.97
* Pulsar Trail XQ38 LRF - 2.1 base mag. $3,299.97
* Pulsar Trail XQ50 - 2.7 base mag. $3,799.97
* Pulsar Thermion XM50 - 5.5 base mag. $3,799.97
* Flir Thermosight Pro PTS536 - 4.0 base mag. $3,795.00

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                **** Why Hunt Hogs? ****

Our journey into wild/feral hog hunting started like many others living in rural communities.  We didn't start hog hunting for fun or sport... we did it because we had to.  You see, hogs cause millions of dollars of damage and destruction each year in rural communities and our situation was no different.  Hogs were destroying our land and that our of friends and family.  The vast majority of hunting stories that you hear about on this channel are hogs, boars and sows, taken from family land... this problem is personal for us...
   **** Why Hunt Coyotes and Predators? ****

Coyotes and Predators, similar to hogs, cause financial stress for many families in rural communities. Coyotes kill livestock, plain and simple.  Ranchers have battled coyotes killing cattle since the early days of ranching and it costs them dearly.  Cattle ranching is a business, the cows aren't pets, every time they lose a calf to a coyote those families lose a paycheck.  Cattle ranchers hate coyotes just as much as Farmers hate hogs!  We hunt coyotes to protect the livelihood of our friends and neighbors that depend on their cattle business to feed their family...
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Coming soon is more hog and predator hunting talk!  Thank you for watching, liking, subscribing, sharing, and commenting!

- Hans and Jason


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