1st Video with the iRay USA Rico MK1 640 RH35

The excitement of your first night out with a brand new rifle can only be matched in anticipation to sighting in a brand new optic.  When both of these events occur at the same time, it means the beginning of a fun night.... but for me, a lot of nervousness.

I am superstitious to a fault!  Back to my days of playing football in school and wearing the same undershirt on game day, I remember feeling nauseous when something seemed out of place.  I thrive on consistency and resist the unknown.  

I love new toys... but I hate change!  I have the dream job... I actually get paid to hunt, test optics, and talk to like minded people everyday about making their hobby even more fun.  I constantly change scopes and rifles, seems like almost on a  weekly basis.  You can probably see where this story is going,  hahaha!

Took out the brand new @iray_usa Rico MK1 RH35 and my new Ruger #65creedmoor for the first time 2 nights ago.  Drillin' that first big hog with a new rig is like throwing a touchdown pass and winning the big game with the wrong undershirt on... hahaha!  

At the end of the day, you gotta rely on your skill, experience, and your equipment.  Bad shots happen, gettin' busted by a smart coyote happens, good equipment fails sometimes, but it's still fun as hell no matter what!  

Find the iRay USA Rico MK1 RH35 Here:

Find all Night Vision/Thermal Optics Here:

Call Hans!


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