iRay USA Rico MK1 640 RH35 and Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor


Next review will be the iRay USA MK1 640 RH35 from Outdoor Legacy.  The RH35 is the little brother of the MK1 640 RH50.  

There are two differences between the RH35 and RH50: 1) The RH50 has a 3x Base Magnification and the RH35 starts out on 2x.  2) The Objective lens size on the RH50 is 50mm.... you got it, the RH35 has a 35mm objective lens diameter.

Everything else is the same!  640 Resolution, 12 Micron, 50 HZ Refresh Rate, Video and Audio recording, Removable/Rechargeable Battery, 5 Year Warranty.

The RH35 is going to be popular you closer range hog and predator hunters.  If the majority of your shots are under 150 yards and you prefer wide field of you... then meet your new best friend!

Call Outdoor Legacy and Ask for Hans or Jason if you are interested in purchasing the RH35.

Optic: iRay USA Rico MK1 640 RH35 from Outdoor Legacy

Rifle: Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor w/ MDT Chassis

Suppressor: Dead Air Silencers (Sandman TI)

Find the iRay Rico RH35 Here:

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