AGM Sidewinder TM35-640 & TM50-640 **REVIEW**

The market has been ripe for more options in the 640 high resolution thermal handheld category and AGM saw the need and decided to fill it. Say hello to the AGM Sidewinder TM35-640 and TM50-640 thermal monoculars. There is a LOT to love about both these monoculars and it's too much to list it all here but just to name a few things; fully removable 18650 battery, fantastic image quality, a 5 year warranty and the best pricing the US market has ever seen on a this quality of a thermal handheld. Check out Jason and Hans' review to see footage from the field and hear their take on two handhelds that will likely make it to The Late Night Vision Show "Best of 2023" series! 

Find the AGM Sidewinder 640's Here: 

Find all Night Vision and Thermal Optics Here: 

Call Hans or Jason if you are interested in purchasing a new optic and have questions: 


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