Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal 2x -16x 35mm **BEST BUDGET THERMAL SCOPE?!**


You may be very familiar with the name Sightmark, mostly known for their Night Vision optics, but they have now jumped into the thermal hunting marketing with both feet.  Introducing Sightmark's first thermal scope... the Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal 2x -16x 35mm!  This under $2K scope is loaded with features without the fluff...

This is the full review after many weeks of using this optic in real hunting applications.  You'll see and hear about the specs, walk-around the scope, likes and dislikes, and who it might be good for.

You'll see more thermal video through the Wraith Mini Thermal than any other review on YouTube!

Call and ask for me if you are interested in purchasing the Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal 2x -16x 35mm... 877-350-1818 (Ask for Hans)

Find it at Outdoor Legacy Here:


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