Is the InfiRay Outdoor Hybrid 75 the BEST Long Range Thermal Scope on the Market?


Is the InfiRay Outdoor Hybrid 75 the best long-range thermal scope on the market right now? That's a question that we tackle on this week's review. See thermal video through the scope, learn about all the specifications, features, and dislikes and likes. Call Hans at Outdoor Legacy if you are interested in learning more about the Hybrid 75! 

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InfiRay Outdoor Hybrid 75 Specs: 

* Price $7999 
* Does Function as a Clip 
* 640 x 512 Resolution 
* 12 Micron 
* 50 Hz Refresh Rate 
* Sub 25 MK NETD Rating 
* 75 Millimeter Objective Lens 
* 4x Base Magnification 
* FOV 31 Feet at 100 Yards 
* Detection Range: 3600 Yards 
* 2560 x 1920 Large AMOLED Display 
* Video and Audio 
* Recoil Activated Recording 
* Standby Mode 
* 9 Different Reticles 
* Comes with QD Mount 
* Comes with LRF Separate 
* Onboard Ballistic Compensator 
* Comes with 2 Batteries (6 plus batteries) 
* -4 Degree Cold Weather Rating 
* Weighs 45.89 ounces 
* Rated for 300 win mag and 7 mag 
* iRay 5 Year warranty/5 business day repair or replace guarantee


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